February 28, 2024
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16 Digital Marketing Tools for an Online Strategy

Digital Marketing Tools – Inbound Marketing, SEO, Social Networks. To do this, you need to know the tools that professionals use, how to use them, and what each of them can contribute to you and your business. The strategic use of SEO tools will ensure your business remains competitive through various benfits, like expanding your consumer reach. SEO tools can benefit all businesses from service delivery businesses like Fair Credit to wholesalers like Costco.

When it comes to using non-intrusive techniques to contact the customer, the first word that comes to mind is “work.” You have to do various things simultaneously, and 24 hours a day is not enough for everything.

Digital marketing is a marketing constituent that uses the Internet and digital online technologies such as desktops, mobiles, and other platforms to promote products and services.

It is advisable to rely on digital marketing and social media tools that offer automated options to save time and optimize social media. Here are some options that can help you get the results you expect based on your action plan.


This is one of the most common marketing automation tools. It’s also backed by a strong brand like HubSpot, which has earned a place of honour in the digital marketing and inbound marketing market.

The software of this company is capable of automating data analysis, landing pages and course email marketing, and call-to-action, blogs, and SEO actions in general. Besides, it includes an effective and powerful customer relationship management (CRM), a customer relationship management system.

Thanks to the integration of a CRM, the HubSpot software is an ideal alternative to optimize the sales and marketing team’s working hours.

RD Station

RD Station provides one of the best digital marketing and automation tools to optimize search engine rankings using SEO techniques. And improve user experience by enhancing its website or branding.

One of the great potentials of this software, which is ideal as a complement to content marketing platforms, is that it provides ready-to-use templates for email marketing and increases social media reach.

RD Station’s solution also offers the ability to create landing pages, analyze lead interactions in real-time, and identify leads ready to move into sales. This article provides best practices for combining the RD Station and Rock Content platforms’ use.



Although in 2008, they were not as widespread as today, we were already in the era of social networks.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn were already a part of everyday life for millions of people and brands, and Hootsuite was able to turn them into a profitable business.

This is one of the digital marketing tools that focus directly on networks. It is a content and publication manager. Thanks to Hootsuite, users only need to schedule their releases and define a period or periodicity to keep their profiles updated and move.

This tool provides access to interactions and popularity data, and metrics that facilitate the analysis of results.


Graphic design is a fundamental part of digital marketing strategies, making Canva a great tool.

This software is so flexible and intuitive that all you have to do is drag and drop the photos, vectors, graphics, and fonts it offers to its vast community of users, number in the millions. After all, all these design resources and their practicality are available to all users, even those who do not want to invest a penny. Yes, it is a free digital marketing tool.


Managing email and e-commerce activity has made this software one of the most widely used tools out there, although its functions go much further.

This automation program also can create an affiliate system, manage customer databases, provide real-time reports, and manage received documents such as tax receipts, offers, and invoices. We can perform many of these tasks because, like other similar tools, they incorporate a robust customer relationship manager.


It is a prediction software that performs projections and future analysis from processing a significant and surprising data volume.

Among other things, you can study users’ behaviour and leads on the web and predict the types of content and products that interest them, especially by developing A / B tests. You also can design email and social media marketing campaigns. Segment audiences in more advanced ways, and accurately report every strategic action.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

They say that benchmarks never go out of style, and Google Analytics is a perfect example of this. This tool was one of the first to hit the market and has established itself as one of the best free alternatives. It is ideal for SMEs and startups that seek to follow digital strategies to compete with the big brands in terms of knowledge and positioning.

Thanks to this function, you will obtain information about the user behaviour when entering content and, in general, about traffic. Of course, it bases its information and monitoring on the most popular search engine in our region and the Anglo-Saxon countries.

Google Search Console

It has been going by that name for a long time, but most “veterans” of using digital marketing tools know that it was initially called Webmaster Tools. This free service from Google is a great way to monitor and maintain a website’s presence in your search results.

Even with this tool, it can resolve spam or malicious software issues and maintain the website with minimal disruption.


For those who are professionals in inbound marketing. Especially in content marketing projects, this paid tool is very familiar and a helping hand.

This is because SEMrush is a robust keyword analysis and opportunity detection solution for search engines.

SEMRush has a free version (much less powerful, of course) that helps identify vital organic competitors, follow and unfollow links and referring domains.

Logically, it is much more advisable to use the payment tool (which is the most widely used) at a professional level and is a highly relevant strategy.

ion interactive

If your website has conversion issues (Visitor to Lead or Lead to Customer) or is not effective in generating audience engagement, inactive is a tool to know.

This software specializes in creating interactive content pages in which each user click conveys information about their behaviour.

Some types of interactive content that can do with ion are:

  • Calculators to help you determine the purchasing power of each of your users.
  • Test to understand the maturity of your prospects on a topic.
  • Landing pages that drive conversion by providing an incredible user experience.
  • Infographics provide the user with the information they need fascinatingly, increasing the time spent on the pages, and many more.

It is an ideal platform to shorten the sales cycle, as each interactive page provides valuable data on leads. The pain they need to heal to ensure that you are more precise in your business processes.



This is one of the most valuable content strategy digital marketing tools. It allows one to know the articles and, in general. The most relevant materials according to a particular format and topic are chosen. BuzzSumo can spy on the competition and their most successful content by simply entering their URL.


When it comes to managing your favourite blogs and posts and sharing content on social media, primarily Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Feedly is a great alternative. Best of all, it is a mobile application that can be used in “dead” hours or minutes. While waiting for the bus, during rest periods at work, or any other time that is very unproductive.

Google Adwords

It’s today’s “almighty” search engine keyword planner. This simple phrase reflects the usefulness and importance of this digital marketing tool.

As the world’s largest search engine has grown in use and awareness. This tool has established itself as an ally for SEO professionals, and strategies to disseminate and disseminate interest content. This is because paid search engine advertising is effective in an internet marketing strategy.

With them, companies increase their chances of attracting users with a clear purchase intention by using a keyword such as “Hire a digital marketing company” or “How much does it cost to build a website?” Pay in.


Have you heard or read about Hotjar? This tool allows you to analyze how users navigate a brand or company’s website. Which in turn leads to a better understanding of their interests and needs.

Can you imagine all the benefits of knowing this information about users, even if it is said? This guarantees, among other things, the optimization of new content and a longer browsing time for each visitor.


Competitive inquiry is an essential part of any digital strategy. Because of this, keep an eye out for SimilarWeb! Thanks to this tool, you will have the opportunity to analyze. And, find out what actions and tactics your main competitors are developing on the Internet.


It is essential to note that you can use more than one of the tools on this list simultaneously. For example, QuillEngage is a great Google Analytics plugin that allows you to convert your report results to text.

And it was done! These are 15 of the digital marketing tools that can help you make your strategies more secure. In case you want to use them all at once, great! Please take advantage of each of them and complement each other.

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