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Boost Engagement and Inspiration for E-learners

According to Forbes magazine, the e-learning market estimates to reach $325 Billion by 2025. This figure would be a reality based on the recent trends, which all indicate the increase in the engagement of the e-learners which has been possible since the introduction of modern learning management systems such as Thinkific. Such software have increased engagement and inspired a whole lot of learners and course creators.

The following features offered by modern LMS have ensured better engagement as well as inspiration in learners.

1. Microlearning 

These days modern learners do not have time to consume whole lectures or lengthy presentations. Thus, it is better to offer small bursts of knowledge that are easier to consume as well as retain. The online session can be broken into bite-sized pieces of information which can even be learned on the go. This way, the sessions’ frequency increases as per convenience to make sure the training matter is easily absorbs.

2. Social Learning

Social learning is a much more fulfilling and fun way to learn rather than learning in isolation. Peer-to-peer communication is improved which results in the healthier grasping of knowledge in place of rote learning. With the creation of forums where trainees are free to share information, an additional layer of engagement is unmistakably added.

3. Benefits of training communicated

Rather than only talking about the goals and objectives of the training, it might be beneficial to communicate the benefits of the offered training to the trainees. If and when the learner understands the value of the course, they are more invested and better engaged in the training.

The learners must understand that the course is worth the value of their time. The information available at hand is to use to detail the specific benefits of training to provide the proper motivation to take up the training.

4. Encouragement

Once the proper communication and marketing instigate the initial motivation, additional encouragement is to keep the momentum. The introduction of positive reinforcement in the form of good results and level completion declarations highlighting efficiency and efficacy can work wonders for motivation and in turn for learner engagement. Individual trainees doing exceptionally well showcase to bring up their morale and motivate others to bring their A-game to rather than surviving training.

5. User Experience

Once you have great communication with trainees and amazing content, with motivation hacks in place, the next thing to ensure for great engagement is the delivery of the course. Here the LMS used and its user interface and user experience play an important role.

If once the user tried using the LMS for training and faced any issues with the interface or the experience of using it was not up to par, they are highly unlikely to come back. This does not mean jarring techniques that do nothing for course, simplicity is the key.

6. Autonomy to learner

When the trainee is in control of where and how they will attend the training, they feel more empowered and tend to be more engaged in the training. This has been possible due to the mobile learning feature of the modern LMSs.

7. Gamification 

The gamification of training ensures better motivation as it is comparatively fun and even more understandable. The use of badges, points, and medals at different levels ensures extrinsic motivation.

8. Engagement measurement

User engagement needs to measure regularly to assess the effectiveness of the training program. The statistics of active user count, gamification scoreboard, course status, forums activity, course completion rate, etc. are measured regularly to identify areas for improvement. This also helps gauge the performance and focus efforts to a specified area.


The conclusion here is simple. Elearning tools, and especially learning management systems have made training much better. With future technological advancements, this trend is expected to continue. This means it is high time you got yourself a learning management system to improve the quality of the training experience that you offer.

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