February 27, 2024
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Comment Regarder La T�L� Fran�Aise En Espagne

Just change your IP address using a VPN. When you are in France, there is a logical way to localize in France via your IP address when you unblock your TV in France. You have a clear VPN choice in 2023.

As we said in the introduction, French television channels are blocked abroad. So, how do the channels know which country you are in and whether you have live and repeat access to the content? It’s simple: your IP address is used.

If you don’t already know, remember that your IP address is exposed when you browse. The latter consists of a series of numbers, some specific to each country and each geographic region.

We Can Know Your Exact Geographical Location With Your IP.

So, your IP address is read when you want to watch French channels from another country, such as Spain. Therefore, the sites/platforms know you are not in France and ban you from accessing them.

You will understand this applies not only to television channels. This is the same process involving all blocks: on streaming platforms, game servers, and even websites. Fortunately, there is something you can do to fix this, and we’ll tell you how to do it right away.

How Do I Change My IP Address And Bypass This Block?

How Do I Change My IP Address And Bypass This Block_

There is top-rated software among internet users that allows you to bypass geoblocking: VPNs. Virtual Private Networks (or Virtual Private Networks in French) are software you can install on all your devices. The latter usually has many servers worldwide, giving you access to a considerable advantage.

VPNs permit you to modify your IP address by attaching it through servers in different regions. This way, you can change your location virtually. By doing this, when you want to watch French television in Spain, French channels will think that you are actually in France and will allow you to observe without problems.

But that’s not the only advantage of VPNs. Equipping yourself with such software, especially for watching TV in Spain, will also give you access to other benefits. First of all, know that a VPN is designed to protect your data online. Thus, your sensitive information, such as your passwords, bank information, or browsing history, will not be read online.

Therefore, your activity will not be known, including whether you are watching French TV from Spain or another country. Additionally, a VPN hides your IP address, so your identity or location cannot be known. With a VPN, you can free yourself from certain limitations by watching French TV in Spain. Your ISP or the networks you connect to in Spain may limit your Internet speed.

You will be able to bypass such limitations by browsing with a VPN. Therefore, you can browse French television channels from Spain safely, freely, and without restrictions.

Expressvpn Is The Best VPN To Unblock French Channels In Spain

Are you wondering which VPN to unblock French TV channels in Spain? The best is undoubtedly ExpressVPN (find our complete ExpressVPN review here). You can equip all your devices with this software because it is compatible with the central operating systems: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux. It also fits a Smart TV and a connected box.

And from all these devices, you will be able to access thousands of servers around the world. A few of these are in the French cities of Paris, Marseille, and Strasbourg. You will understand if you connect to one of these destinations from Spain, you will change your IP address to appear in France.

Try Expression

From now on, you can fool the geolocation systems of French channels and watch your favorite programs without any problems. This will be possible live as well as replay, and with ExpressVPN, a single subscription lets you attach up to 5 devices concurrently. But ExpressVPN goes further. It truly has unlimited bandwidth, ensuring your viewing is not throttled.

Likewise, the provider provides high-speed servers, so your reading will be fluent live and in replay. Additionally, ExpressVPN has obfuscated servers designed to hide the details of your use of a VPN. Therefore, you are entirely cautious about unblocking French TV channels in Spain.

In other words, ExpressVPN is very secure. It encrypts your data with a robust algorithm and completely hides your IP address. It’s also 100% No-Log, meaning it doesn’t keep any information about you or what you do online.

Watching French Television In Spain: Instructions.

How Do I Change My IP Address And Bypass This Block_ (1)

Now that you know the best VPNs, you may wonder how they work. We will, therefore, quickly show you the procedure to follow to use this software, and you will see that everything is straightforward. To get started, go to the VPN website you want to use.

You will find a button to register. Then, follow the given steps. You can opt for a subscription and then pay for it as soon as this is done. Then comes the time to download the software. Choose the version that competitions your operating system, then install the VPN.

Here, everything is done automatically, in just a few clicks. Once you have the VPN app on your device, you can open it, log in, and use it immediately. To watch French TV in Spain, activate the VPN with the centrally located “On/Off” button. Now, before doing this, open the list of available servers.

With ExpressVPN, click on the three dots next to your location. With CyberGhost, click the location or arrow to the app’s left. You will then have access to the countries where the VPN can connect you: double-click on a server in France, and the VPN will automatically change your IP address to base it on French soil.

Use A VPN To Watch French TV After Spain: Our Opinion

Now is the time to give you our honest opinion on using a VPN to watch French TV in Spain.

This solution is the most qualitative for watching French TV channels in Spain. No technical manipulation is necessary, and VPNs adapt to a maximum amount of media. They are fast and secure and do not reveal your activity.

However, you must find a quality VPN to benefit from all our discussed advantages. Indeed, not all providers on the internet are optimal. You must carefully respect a few selection criteria to benefit from a VPN that allows you to bypass geo-blocks and watch French television from Spain.

Of course, your VPN must-have servers in France so that you can have an IP in this territory. Obfuscated servers are a plus. But also, be careful to find a VPN with good security settings and one that does not keep track of your activity (we speak of a “no-log” service). At this point, remember that most free VPNs should be avoided.

The service application must adapt to all the devices you wish to use and offer responsive support. Unlimited bandwidth and good connection speeds are also required. Finally, remember to check how many simultaneous connections are authorized and if the publisher provides a money-back guarantee to try it with complete peace of mind.


Let’s conclude our article on how to watch French TV channels in Spain. To put it simply, you will need to equip yourself with a VPN. If chosen correctly, such a tool will allow you to access live French channels in replay from Spain.

For information, we believe the best providers are ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.

You will also profit from increased security and many other benefits with these services. It’s up to you to see which one suits you best, and all you have to do is watch French television in Spain as if nothing had happened.

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