December 6, 2023
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DMZ Mit Nordkoreanisch Lizensiertem Nordkoreanischem Tourguide Mit Dolmetscher

DMZ Mit Nordkoreanisch Lizensiertem Nordkoreanischem Tourguide Mit Dolmetscher :  The Korean Demilitarized Zone has long been a symbol of division and tension on the Korean Peninsula. It stretches 160 miles across Korea and serves as a buffer zone between North and South Korea. While the DMZ is generally associated with military confrontations and restricted access, a unique way to explore this enigmatic region is by embarking on a journey with a licensed North Korean tour guide and interpreter. In this article, we will delve into this unconventional and eye-opening experience that promises a new perspective on one of the most fortified borders in the world.

What is DMZ?

What is DMZ?

The DMZ is a vist four km-long east-to-west land separating North Korea and South Korea. South Korea has 2km to the south, and North Korea has 2km to the north. In the middle is a line separating both countries called the MDL (Military Demarcation LineTours to the North and South Korean borders Few providers offer various trips to the border from Seoul. More specifically, to the demilitarized zone. This zone is 248 kilometers long and approximately four kilometers wide. A buffer zone extends two kilometers into each of the two Koreas, enveloping the actual border, the so-called military demarcation line. DMZ Mit Nordkoreanisch Lizensiertem Nordkoreanischem Tourguide Mit Dolmetscher Although the online offerings for these tours are unmanageable, in the end a closer comparison shows that all providers offer almost the same thing. We come across two packages again and again in our preliminary research:

North Korean-Licensed Tour Guide

One of the most unique aspects of visiting the DMZ with a licensed North Korean tour guide is interacting with someone from North Korea, a nation primarily isolated from the rest of the world. Is isolated. The North Korean authorities carefully select and train these guides to represent their country and provide a specific narrative during the tour.

Follow a customized and flexible itinerary during this private, full-day tour of the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Peek at North Korean villages from the Odusan Unification Observatory, pay your respects at the Korean War Memorial and learn about Korea’s royal dynasties at Gyeongbokgung Palace. Other stops can be substituted, including a delicious Korean barbecue lunch.

Challenges and Controversy

Touring the DMZ from a North Korean perspective comes with its own set of challenges and controversies. It’s important to remember that North Korea is an authoritarian regime with strict control over information and narratives. The guides are selected and trained by the North Korean government, which means their presentation may be heavily influenced by propaganda. Additionally, there are concerns about human rights abuses and the lack of freedom in North Korea. Traveling with a North Korean guide and interpreter may inadvertently support the regime.

However, for those seeking a unique perspective and a deeper understanding of the complex Korean conflict, this experience can be illuminating. Travelers must approach such tours with an open mind, a critical perspective, and an awareness of the potential ethical implications.

Peace Village North Korea

Peace Village North Korea

On the North Korean side, you can see the Kijong-dong Peace Village – a propaganda village (fake) built by North Korea to encourage people to join North Korea. According to North Korea, 200 people live there, and there is a school, kindergarten, hospital, etc.

Actually, the windows are painted on the house walls and are not real. The houses don’t even have floors; you can see the decorations getting regulated as they go down. The houses are practically all empty.

North Korea turns on the lights in the identical houses at the same time every day and lets people walk around there to maintain the illusion of the people living there. In reality, these people are from the army. There is even propaganda music played over loudspeakers.

Finally, you can see a flagpole about 160 m high on the North Korean side. They only built this to have a more giant flagpole than South Korea, which is about 100m high.

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Different DMZ Tour Offers and Providers

Different DMZ Tour Offers and Providers

To visit the DMZ, you have to book a tour. There is no way to enter this zone alone, as a military escort is required.

There are lots of tour companies that suggest this tour. It’s best to compare a few providers before deciding on the best offer. I chose KBT Tours and booked through GetYourGuide.

You need to know that you can only do one DMZ tour without visiting the JSA. It is much low-cost, and you will only see the first four stops, which I explain in more detail below. However, I feel that skipping JSA doesn’t make the experience complete.

Fun fact

North Korea offers the same tours, except that they cost around $1000. Is not that wild?

Tourism is a way to bring foreign money into the country. Most North Korean tourists come from China and Russia.

While the tour guides and soldiers on the South Korean side encourage you to ask anything you want to know, in North Korea, you are probably not allowed to ask queries.

Dress code

The dress code for visiting the DMZ is strict but logical. You must wear closed shoes. Therefore, flip-flops or sandals are not permitted. In addition, the pants must be long and have no tears or holes. Skirts and dresses must be at least knee length.

In general, you shouldn’t look unkempt or wear a shirt with an offensive slogan, as North Korea uses photos as propaganda to claim that other countries are too poor to buy clothes.

Talks with North Korea about getting away US soldiers

Talks with North Korea about getting away US soldiers

A US soldier illegally crossed the border from South to North Korea at the beginning of last week. There is no information about his condition or whereabouts. The responsible UN command has now started talks with Pyongyang.

After US soldier Travis King illegally crossed the border from South to North Korea, the UN command in the area began talks with Pyongyang. “The main concern for us is the well-being of Private King,” said Andrew Harrison, deputy commander of the UN command overseeing the demilitarized zone between the two Korean states.

The talks with the North Korean military were initiated and continue as part of the mechanism set up as a ceasefire between the two countries. Harrison did not provide any details. “I can’t say anything that would affect this process.”

Conclusion DMZ Mit Nordkoreanisch Lizensiertem Nordkoreanischem Tourguide Mit Dolmetscher

DMZ Mit Nordkoreanisch Lizensiertem Nordkoreanischem Tourguide Mit Dolmetscher – The Demilitarized Zone, or DMZ, makes an ideal day trip from Seoul, but organizing admission to explore independently is not possible. On this tour, enjoy round-trip transportation from downtown Seoul and visit the DMZ on a safe, organized tour. Take in sites of interest, including the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel and Dorasan Observatory. As your guide, a North Korean defector shares a vision of life across the border. DMZ Mit Nordkoreanisch Lizensiertem Nordkoreanischem Tourguide Mit Dolmetscher.

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