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Electronic noise Write for us – Guest Post, and Submit Post

Electronic noise Write for us

Electronic noise Write for us 

In the electronic sense, the noise of an unwanted signal is superimposed in a useful signal. Much of a designer’s effort is spent reducing it.

Electronic noise can become apparent like real noise, in the most common sense, when we hear a crackle, buzz, or hiss in the background when listening to the radio. The crackling sounds can be caused by turning on and off electrical equipment in the neighborhood. Refrigerators are a common source of this noise. The current peaks travel through the network cabling and enter the power supply of the radio station. One way to reduce this interference is to run the power cables through ferrite balls 

Lightning is a powerful source in electromagnetic interference in radio transmissions and little can be done to eliminate it. Conductors in a circuit can pick up any type of magnetic field, and if picked up in a suitable location, it can be amplified. Connections, such as microphone cables, are made with shielded cables to prevent EMIs from overwhelming the microphone’s small signals. The shielding consists of a metallic braided sheath, connected to the ground line (0 V) of the amplifier. The tuning coils (p. 55) are typically encased in a metal shield, which is used to prevent the coil from picking up EMI from nearby circuits or radiating them to other parts of the circuit. In the current congestion conditions, the issue of EMI is important and many laws are in place to limit EMI emissions.

Precautions can generally reduce or eliminate noise from outside a circuit, but there are other sources of noise that occur inside the circuit itself. An electric current is a current of electrons or holes. There is a random element in their movements, resulting in small random fluctuations in voltage. When amplified, it can produce a hissing sound, superimposed on the normal signal.

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