June 21, 2024
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GitHub Write for Us – Guest Post, Contribute, And Submit Post

GitHub Write for Us – Guest Post, Contribute, And Submit Post

GitHub Write for Us

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a web border that uses Git, the open source version control software that lets many people to make separate changes to web pages at the same time. As Carpenter notes, GitHub encourages teams to work together to create and edit content on their website because it allows for real-time collaboration.

How can GitHub help my team and me?

GitHub allows many developers to work on a single project simultaneously, reduces the risk of duplicate or conflicting work, and can help reduce production time. GitHub allows developers to simultaneously create code, track changes, and develop innovative solutions to problems that may arise during the website development process. Even non-developers can use it to create, edit, and update website content, as Carpenter demonstrates in his tutorial.

How do I speak GitHub?

There are some common terms that teams should know when using GitHub. They are:

  • Git – a device that allows developers and others to use version control
  • GitHub – one of many web borders for using Git
  • Organization (org): A grouping mechanism that allows teams to collaborate on multiple projects at the same time.
  • Repository (Repo) – a file in which all files and their version accounts are stored
  • Branch – a version of the repository that allows work to be performed without affecting other branches. Repositories can have many branches for different possible changes being tested or considered, as well as a non-payment branch that serves as the source of truth.
  • Fork – a new repository that inherits from an “upstream” parent repository. It is used to suggest changes to a public repository “upstream” by someone who does not have edit access in the repository’s original organization.
  • Markdown (.md) – a content writing tool that converts plain text into formatted text.
  • Commit Changes – a saved best of a change made to a file in the repository.
  • Pull Request (PR) – a request to push changes from one branch to another branch. Allows multiple users to view, discuss, and review proposed work.
  • Merge – Once the pull request is approved, the commit is pulled (or merged) from one branch to another and then deployed to the live site.
  • Issues – Allows users to report issues or bugs and track progress in assigning fixes for issues.
  • Federalist – a platform that securely organizes a website from a GitHub repository in minutes and allows users to performance future and published changes.
  • Projects: Allows you to use GitHub for project management and following a range of issues, either for a specific repository or for an entire organization.
  • Wiki – a section of a repository created to house documentation. Instead, the documentation can be found in the README files of the repository.

Mastering GitHub terminology can seem intimidating at first, but as more team members engage with the platform, it becomes easier to understand the ins and outs of GitHub.

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