April 18, 2024
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Can You Recover Files From A Dead Hard Drive?

Nobody wants to lose valuable data because a hard drive is broken or out of order, especially when storing important files. But we also know that hard drives can die one day without warning. Today we will not talk much about the reasons for the failure of some hard drives, but let’s move on to the following query: is it possible to save something before it is lost ever? Wondershare Recoverit is one of the stands that offer this kind of service – sync your broken hard drive with it and see what you can keep.

It is also important to note that the ability to save and restore some data depends on the level of disk damage. We all know that when we erase something by accident, it is not lost forever because there are always traces of its existence on the disk, and the corresponding software can find those traces, collect them and restore all or most of the files. So you can use it again.

How To Identify If The 1tb hard drive?

There is no indication that the drive is dead, but you can easily recognize that it is not working as expected. You will hear strange sounds, and it is unlikely that it will work properly. A squeak is usually a sign that your disc is broke or damage. A healthy hard drive offers quiet sound because there is nothing to break with it.


At this point, it is important to directly shut down your computer and remove the disk because with every second of recycling and shredding, the damage increases, and the chances of retaining the lost data decrease. Even the slenderest scratch on the surface of the disk damage many files, and the longer it stays inside, the more data is in danger of disappearing forever.

Data recovery experts will try to save as much as possible, but the good news is that today we have functional programs that can do it themselves. But still, as we said, it all depends on the level of disk damage, and if the damage is too great, we cannot expect a miracle and the recovery of all the files we had.

What To Do When An HDD Dies?

The primary thing to do is remove the drive from the device and replace it with a new, working one. The old one should use as an external device to facilitate work. Once you have installed the new drive on your computer, you need to install the software, connect the old one to the computer, scan the device, and see what happens.

We all recognize how infuriating it can be if a hard drive fails. It is very important to remember that, if we are lucky, we can save many or all files, but this is not always the case. Depending on damage, you may lose the quality of your photos and videos, but at least they are. As for important documents, you can also save some parts of them, which is better than nothing, but in this case, we recommend that you always backup your data and keep a backup of everything important in the cloud drive.

Its the easiest way to make sure something is available, no matter what happens to the computer. As the program scans your data, it will preview everything that can save, and then it will restore the files and save them to a working PC that you will use for this purpose.

Note that after removing a hard drive from your computer, you will have to connect it to another with a cable to check if broken or if there is something else damaged on the first computer. It is also important that the laptop or PC completely turn off before removing it and disconnecting everything from the electrical network so that no power flows through it.

How To Prevent Losing Meaningful Files?

Prevent Losing Meaningful

Modern people always keep copies of what they think is important on their computers. And this is one way to avoid a big data loss if something bad happens to your hard drive. The recovery process can guarantee that the parts will come together, but we cannot completely stop and wait for everything to come back because some partitions on the disk are permanently damaged.

So take our advice and support what you think is important. You can use multiple USB drives or cloud storage to access them from whatever device you have.

Can I Still Use The Broken HDD?

Some dividers and fragments can recover in some cases, and the disk can use again, but as an external device. There are cheap adapters that come with the cable, and if you retrieve the drive in some way, you can use it for additional storage in the future. But always the risk that it will corrupte during the file recovery process, so you have to start with little to no hope not to get discouraged.

Some Things Never Lost Forever

Things Never Lost Forever

The recovery software will help you do a deep scan of your hard drive and see what you can save and recover. There are always traces of what once written on it. And if intentionally removed, these snippets are still there. Even when something written on top of them (even if that makes things difficult).

So even when some things never come back, you can always hope that at least you can save something from the damaged disk. It would be best if you tried and, of course, use proper and professional software for this purpose.

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