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Benefits of Using a Secure VPN Service Like HMA VPN

VPN services are the command of the day for many uses. Some of the primary benefits of this type of VPN are browsing the Internet anonymously, downloading multimedia content without leaving any traces, and even evading regional blocks. One of the most suggested and most complete VPNs that exist today is HMP VPN today. In RedesZone, we will explain all the benefits of using a VPN like HMA to surf the Internet.

Benefits of VPNs When Browsing the Internet

Anonymous browsing to avoid tracking
Virtual private networks (VPN – red privada virtual) allow us to surf the Internet anonymously and securely from anywhere in the world. When we browse the Internet, we use the public IP address to connect to, e.g., b. at home or work. With this public IP address, the “big ones” of the Internet like Google or Facebook can easily track the websites where we are browsing. When we use a VPN, we go to the Internet with the public IP address of the VPN servery, not our actual public IP address, so we “mask” in this IP-address.
VPNs like HMA-VPN consist of a server that accepts connections and forwards all references to the Internet. Customers will connect to this VPN server and establish an encrypted tunnel; thanks to this; we can avoid a man in middle attack from “seeing” the traffic we are exchanging. We have hundreds of servers at our disposal worldwide to connect to them whenever we want.

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The Process to Establish a VPN Connection is as Follows:

  1. The VPN client establishes a secure connection with the VPN server.
  2. The tunnel is encrypted and authenticated to provide security and privacy to the user.
  3. When we access the Internet, we go to the Internet with the VPN server’s public IP and not with the public IP that the VPN client has (for example, our house); that is, the public IP is “masked.”
  4. If we need to surf the Internet again through our public IP, we have to disconnect from the VPN server.
  5. VPNs serve multiple purposes and are not just used to surf the Internet anonymously.

Bypass Regional Blocks Such as Netflix, Disney +, Sporting, BBC, and Other Events.

Another significant benefit of using HMA-VPN is that we will be able to access any content worldwide. As is currently the case with several streaming services on demand, we will not have any regional limitations.
Netflix and Disney + are the two best examples of why a VPN is necessary for everyday life. These two services offer an extensive collection of movies and series in another part of the world. However, it’s possible that some US series have not yet reached “Spanish Netflix” in Spain. So if we use a VPN, we can easily access this content because Netflix recognizes that the public IP we are using is in the US.
Other internet video services like the BBC, and even some sporting events are only available in certain countries. If we connect to a VPN server geographically in that country, we can see all the content as if we were physically there.

Surf Safely on Uncertain Networks, like Wi-Fi

One of the most significant risks we have when browsing the Internet on public Wi-Fi is that someone connected can imprison all our traffic submissively. Even more unsafe is that they do it actively by performing a Man In The Middle attack.

VPN client
Thanks to VPN services, all data traffic from the VPN client to the VPN server is fully encrypted and authenticated, so there are no security issues in this regard. Even if someone detects our traffic, we can be sure that our communications cannot be “read” because all traffic is encrypted.

Fast, Anonymous P2P Downloads

If you need a VPN to download P2P logs at high speed, you can do it at high speed with this HMA VPN service to have no bandwidth restrictions, and the momentum you would typically download minimal. Affect your connection. VPN servers will accompany the Internet with 20 Gbps trunks, and many of them are 10 Gbps. In principle, there are no bottleneck problems.

Advantages of Using HMA-VPN as a VPN Service,

The HMA VPN service is the most recommended VPNs due to its key features. Previously in RedesZone, we discussed the minimum requirements to contract a VPN service, and HMA-VPN meets all the essentials:

Many servers spread worldwide:

There are more than 290 locations in 190 countries around the world. It means that we can bypass regional blockades and connect with the vast majority of desired countries.

Strict no-log policy:

This VPN does not keep logs like your actual public IP address, internet activity when we connect to the server, or any other information you may exchange.

Smart Kill Switch:

Kill Switch is a fundamental feature of VPNs. In the event of a connection problem with the VPN server, all network traffic from your computer will stop until restored, ensuring no data leaks occur. In Windows operating systems, we can choose to disable it for the entire course or only in specific applications. Also, we can configure the HMA VPN to load when Windows starts.

Split Tunnel or Split Tunnel:

This allows us to make specific Internet traffic through our actual Internet connection and other traffic through the VPN. In this way, we can segment the traffic we want. HMA allows differentiation by application, ideal for specific programs that work via VPN and not for others.

Random IP:

We can organize the HMA software to connect to a different VPN server every 10 minutes, creating it challenging to track over the Internet.

Leak Protection:

One of the most sensitive protocols to leaks is DNS. HMA VPN provides leak protection, including DNS, using its DNS servers for domain name resolution.


We can use VPN on Mac, iOS, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Windows, and Linux operating systems and even use it on routers to have VPN clients like ASUS. With all HMA subscriptions, up to 5 devices can be used at the same time.

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Other significant features of HMA are symmetric AES-256-GCM encryption and the use of RSA 4096-bit for digital certificates and SHA256 to verify data integrity and ensure that it has not been tampered with, all for Windows and Android. Whereas In the case of Apple, they use the IPSec-IKEv2 standard with the highest security settings. We also have servers with protection against DDoS attacks. The servers themselves are equipped with AES 256-bit encryption to provide an additional level of security. Finally, we have a “Lightning Connection” button that automatically connects us to the closest and fastest VPN server to our locality, so we don’t have to choose from dozens of available servers.

HMA-VPN Valuing,

The charges of this VPN service are very economical, considering all the features that it offers us if you want to try HMA VPN for free if you a total of 30-days of a trial to see if it convinces you; if it does not convince you, they will refund the money. This VPN service allows payment with a debit and credit card and PayPal to pay ultimately safely and quickly with this last payment method.
We recommend that you access the official HMA-VPN websites, where you will find all the details about this excellent VPN service, as well as the updated subscription prices.

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