July 10, 2024
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Amazon Influencer Program  The number of positions to which we can aspire when looking for our place in the world of “Social Media” is uncountable. But the rationale for becoming an influencer on social media isn’t always clear.

Today, we will talk about two unpopular terms, but you will see that they are pillars of it, capable of making a site rise to the peak of popularity or never be mentioned anywhere. These are the ” blog hunting ” and the ” influencers. ”

The first term refers to looking for influential people or brands (the “influencers”) on the networks. In short, they are the ones who want to find the best sites of the year, the top 10 tweeters, those who publish in profiles, are more popular, etc.

Influencers are a celebrity who appears in traditional media and, while interviewing you, mentions a brand or name to make it known. This is the same as what we are looking for but on Social Networks. This has become the basis for some companies seeking a certain reputation or prestige.

One of the most touchable benefits of this is making publications with the name of a linked influential company. That which Google appreciates so much when it comes to positioning our website.

Now, searching, we realize that there are many types of members of the social network that could carry the label of “influencers”:

  • Those who constantly collect new information on a small group of specific topics (niches) often have a web page on a specific topic for an activity or topic. They are experts in the topics they deal with.
  • We also find those who “retweet” everything that moves on social networks, blogs, or news websites. They talk about everything and are probably not experts on all the topics you share with your followers.
  • There are information professionals. Journalists or people linked to the media let us follow a recent news story as it unfolds until its outcome.
  • Celebrities have pride of place on this list. Showbiz, politics, musicians, etc. Its number of followers will allow us to reach a more significant number of recipients of our message. Even though, generally, they do not have accurate contact with their audience. Because Community Managers can manage your accounts.
  • Another resource that these influential members often use is the use of robots. These are programs that are responsible for keeping the accounts of their owners active with daily publications.

Can I use any of these “influencers” for my campaign?

Can I use any of these _influencers_ for my campaign_


Amazon Influencer Program Before choosing what type of influencer can genuinely help your brand, you should follow these five tips, which will allow you to identify them by their characteristics :

  1. Some research on how many people follow your influential prospect is key. Followers, visits to your website, Amazon Influencer Program how many people participate with comments or retweets, etc. There are good tools on the web that will allow you to know these details.
  2. The number of publications is important. But it can be misleading. Quality is often better than quantity. Do not forget that this is about positioning ourselves in search engines, and Google likes original content more than a copy. Look for those spaces that allow you to see a balance between the number of publications and their originality. Also, check their writing and spelling. This will also speak to the quality of followers you have.
  3. Check that the “influencer” is prolific in their content. You don’t want to spend time promoting yourself through someone who doesn’t post regularly. That does not generate sales, and our name will go on deaf ears.
  4. Also, consideration to the type of audience that you and the influencer are targeting. Why publish through an electronic music influencer if your target, for example, is men between 30 and 50 who love Jazz?
  5. Retweets, comments, mentions, and other means of impacting social networks should never be neglected when it comes to qualifying an influential brand. A very good direct relationship with your followers will show you whether it can help you position your name.

In short, we must be aware of the promotion channels we choose since the time we invest in it must result in results that benefit our place in networks.

You already have an upright idea of what it is and what it can do to find an influencer. In future articles, we will realize how to make them join our team, and we can use them as a springboard for the brand, product, or service that we represent to catapult and come to light and, who knows? The coveted brand for your credibility and influence.

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