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Payment Platform Gateways: Comparisons Of The Main Payment

Payment Platform: Choosing the correct payment platform and gateways on your website and online store is the key to the success of your online business.


PayPal is the most general payment platform in the world. It has more than 220 million users and is used in all business areas, from sales to auctions. It has the benefits of accepting a wide variety of payment methods, many customization options, and ease of creating invoices.

On the other hand, PayPal fees are higher than other sites. This is a 2.90% + $ 0.30 payment fee for local transactions, but if the transaction is international, it increases to 4.40% + $ 0.30.

Please note that PayPal does not provide you with a single merchant account, and it does not work equally well in all Spanish-speaking countries.


Stripe is a platform designed for medium and large companies. Its greatest strength is its enormous customization capabilities: it allows you to design payment processes for subscriptions, mobile payments, one-click payments, and more.

It works with many programming languages, including Python, Java, Ruby, and PHP. There is a downside: it requires some technical knowledge to implement and configure it.

The cost is especially attractive for European companies: the transaction fee is 1.40% plus a small fixed fee for European cards. For cards from other countries, the percentage is 2.90%.


Authorize.Net is possibly the most versatile service on this list. It can be linked to almost any business account and accepts all primary payment methods. You can also accept payments in the currency of almost any country.

Its cost is another interesting point: the transaction fee is only $ 0.10, in addition to the monthly subscription of $ 25.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a secure and easy-to-use platform. It has powerful features that can increase customer loyalty, including automatic payments, a customer information database, and easy integration into any web page.

The main disadvantage of Amazon Pay is that it only works in 8 countries. Make sure the regions you are interested in are covered.


Adyen is fast becoming one of the world’s leading payment gateways. It will soon replace PayPal as eBay’s payment processor.

It has spread to countries in all regions of the world and accepts all kinds of payment methods, making it an excellent option for companies looking to go international.

Transaction fees vary from market to market, but there is no monthly subscription fee.


Square is ideal for businesses with a physical location. It can easily install on any smartphone and accept payments thanks to a credit card reader to install in the application at no additional cost.

Although Square accepts a wide variety of methods, PayPal payments and electronic checks are not accepted. Your commission is 2.60% + $ 0.10.


Skrill is a popular and recognized payment gateway around the world.

Their accounts are free, their system is easy to use, and they allow email transactions.

Pay line

Payline offers solutions for all types of businesses, from online businesses to large businesses, with the ability to integrate more than 175 million shopping carts.

This product offers features to integrate mobile payments and payroll processing.

Their transaction fees for online businesses are slightly higher than for businesses with physical locations.


Accepting over 150 currencies, Payoneer offers one of the most global services on this list. The Payoneer service includes a merchant account with features to organize your transactions.

There is no commission for customer transactions with Payoneer. For customers without Payoneer, the commission is 3%.

2Place order

2Checkout is a trusted platform with easy integration and adequate fraud protection. It is available in more than 87 currencies and 211 countries.

Your commission is standard: 2.90% + $ 0.30. We accept all main payment methods, including PayPal.


A smooth and fast Braintree experience can help increase the conversion rate of your online business.

Braintree is owned by PayPal and used by large companies like Airbnb. Your stake is 1.90% + $ 0.30 and is available in over 130 currencies.

We pay

If you have to handle complex payment procedures, WePay is your best option. WePay allows you to customize sales processes to create complex payment requests, such as multiple payers and crowdfunding.

But customization goes further. You can create payment flows that include personal and online transactions. This is due in part to your integrated Chase Merchant Services merchant account.


BlueSnap offers smart features like the ability to retry recurring failed payments, smart remote payments, and failover in connection failures.

In addition, it has a global anti-fraud plan.

This payment gateway has a standard cost of 2.90% + $ 0.30.


This payment gateway is specially designed for ACH payments. ACH payments are made outside of a credit card or checking network. That is, the transfer goes directly from one bank to another. Although they are slower and more limited, they are an extremely convenient option for many businesses.

Dwolla allows you to create recurring and scheduled payments. In addition, it includes a virtual wallet for its users. Their rates vary by plan, but they also offer a free plan.


Worldpay is one of the most current payment gateways. Its immense scale guarantees work in companies of all sizes. This option is especially good if you need to process payments from many locations worldwide – they are available in over 140 countries and accept more than 300 payment methods.

Worldpay offers two plans. The first plan has a fee of 2.75% + $ 0.20 per transaction. The second plan eliminates the $ 0.20 fee per payment in exchange for a $ 19 monthly fee.


BitPay is a payment platform for bitcoin companies. It allows you to receive payments on your website, by email, or between digital wallets

BitPay charges a 1% commission on all transactions.


Opayo (formerly known as SagePay) is a highly rated payment gateway. It has excellent security, and, in addition to accepting PayPal and credit cards, it accepts many European payment methods.

What sets Opayo apart is that it doesn’t charge a percentage of transactions – you only need to pay a monthly fee. The $ 27 plan allows you to receive 350 transactions per month, while the $ 45 plan increases those transactions to 3,000. SagePay offers customized plans for the needs of large businesses.


Few payment gateways offer as many features as BluePay. This payment platform accepts all major credit cards, as well as ACH payments.

It can integrate with many e-commerce platforms and offers advanced features such as reports, automatic payments, and user permissions.

BluePay does not publicly display its commissions. The cost depends on the amount and the payment methods you want to accept. However, these prices can adapt to companies of all sizes.


Klarna is only available in the UK, but its unique functionality deserves mention.

It allows the customer to divide the payments into three parts and even pay later. However, the seller receives the money immediately. This feature has many benefits for both parties.

Klarna charges £ 0.20 per transaction plus a variable percentage from 1.90% to 2.90%.

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