Rectangular Prisms: A Tool for Architects

Geometry is one of the branches of mathematics that deals with shapes and sizes. It deals with the shapes and sizes of objects. It is one of the eldest branches of mathematics. It is taught to children from early childhood. It is one of those subjects which requires a lot of background. Basic concepts of the subject are a must to make the subject the best. There are a lot of shapes that make the study of the subject quite interesting and fun. Some of the shapes that we study in geometry can be two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Three-dimensional shape values can be taken out by getting their volumes. Like taking out the volume of rectangular prism or the volume of the cube or the cuboid.

Mathematics and Science are used on an everyday basis. Mathematics is one of those subjects whose demand will never decrease. Mathematicians are some of the sharpest minds in the country. Maths is one of the subjects that is used on an everyday basis. Maths are one of the vital organs for the development of one’s mind.

Here are some of the shapes which we study in everyday life are:

  1. Square: It is a quadrilateral with four sides. It consists of the sides which are 90 degrees to each other. The area of the square is (side)^2
  2. Circle: It is the shape that is enclosed by boundaries from all sides. The part of the circle is pi*r^2.
  3. Rectangle: It is the shape that consists of length and breadth. The area of the rectangle is equal to length into breadth.
  4. 4 Cylinder: It is the type of shape that consists of two spheres from both the sides

There are some shapes that we also use in everyday life:

A pyramid is a three-dimensional figure with a flat polygon shape and the sides which are triangle in shape and are connected to one point in the pyramid.

  1. Square pyramid: It is that type of shape that consists of a square base and the pyramid is connected to the apex. The square pyramid consists of eight edges and five vertices.
  2. Rectangular pyramid: It is the type of shape that consists of a rectangular base and the pyramid is connected to the apex.
  3. Triangular-based pyramid: It is the type of shape that consists of a triangular base and the pyramid is connected to the apex. Triangular-based pyramid faces consist of four faces and six edges and 8 vertices.

Prism is a three-dimensional shape, it has two ends whose sides are flat. It has two ends which consist of the same shape and same size. Here are some types of prism:

  1. Triangular prisms: It is the type of prism that consists of triangle bases on both sides. It consists of five faces and nine edges and six vertices.
  2. Square prisms: It is the type of prism that consists of squares on both sides. It consists of six faces and eight vertices and twelve edges.
  3. Rectangular prism: It can be also termed as a cuboid. It consists of twelve edges and number of faces is six and the number of vertices is eight.

This branch of mathematics, that is geometry, is generally studied and is very necessary for the students who want to follow their career in architecture. Mathematics is a core subject that covers a wide range of topics. It is a subject that should be studied. It looks for a wide range of calculations, from the simplest to the most complex. The one thing that rests constant in all of these computations is unrelenting practice. If one aspires to learn Mathematics, it is necessary to focus on the fundamentals. Without a thorough understanding of the principles, it is hard to master intricate mathematical issues. Thus this can be corrected by using Cuemath which helps in clearing one’s doubt.

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