June 21, 2024
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Can you Screenshot Facebook Stories – Do We Get Notification?

What are Stories?, Can you Screenshot Facebook Stories?Can you Screenshot Facebook Stories

Can you Screenshot Facebook stories – Facebook is a social media network and allows you to create short posts called Stories, often a combination of text, backgrounds, and photos or videos. Facebook intends to enable you to create point-in-time posts that you don’t necessarily want to stay on your profile all the time.

  • Facebook doesn’t notify you if someone takes a screenshot of your story.
  • While a Facebook Story isn’t an integral part of your profile or feed, anyone can take a screenshot and keep it forever.
  • Other leading social media platforms have similar approaches to their story screenshots.
  • Facebook doesn’t notify you if someone takes a screenshot of your story.
  • Snapchat is for snapshots, images, selfies, cameras, filters, and more.
  • Facebook doesn’t notify you if someone takes a screenshot of your story.

How to take a Screenshot of a Facebook Story without letting others know?

On Facebook, you can add stories and share whatever you do or want with your friends. People go crazy with the screenshots.

The first question that arises in our mind is, Can you Screenshot Facebook stories? And the answer is quite simple, that is, yes, you can capture Facebook history. Follow the simple guide below to take screenshots on your devices.

  1. On Android

On most Android phones, you can take a screenshot of Facebook Story just by pressing the power button and the volume down button at the same time. Right after that, you will get a screenshot of your mobile screen.

  1. On iOS devices

On iOS devices, to take a screenshot of Facebook Story, you will need to press the home button and the power button simultaneously; the screenshot of the Facebook story will be ready.

  1. On Windows computers

The most convenient way to take a screenshot of a Facebook Story on the computer is to use keyboard shortcuts. The first step is to press the “PrtScn” key on your keyboards to record the current screen spontaneously. Then for the next step, you will need to open “Paint,” then press “Ctrl + V” to paste the captured screenshot, and finally save the screenshot in the desired format.

The screenshot will only be taken from the visible screen and not the entire web page. Also, you can’t take screenshots of only a particular area of ​​the screen, but there is always a solution for every problem. You can crop the image in Paint to get a screenshot of a specific area.

  1. Mac

If you want to take a Facebook Story screenshot on Mac, you can do so by pressing these three keys simultaneously: Shift, Command, and three keys, or you can also use a webpage screenshot. There is no need to install the web page screenshot; copy the URL of the Facebook web page you want the screenshot of, and then paste that URL into the “Enter URL” box. to capture “.

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Can you Screenshot Facebook Stories – FAQs on Do you get Notification from Facebook?

As you may be aware, some social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, etc., send notifications to the person whose history screenshot you took. Although Facebook attaches great importance to the privacy and security of its users, it does not yet have the function of sending a notification if someone takes a screenshot of your Facebook story or vice versa.

Despite receiving new updates regularly, this feature is not available. So, you can take screenshots using any of the methods mentioned above without worrying about the author of the story.

  1. Will Facebook notify you if you upload an image?

If you upload an image from Facebook, it will not notify the owner of the image in the same way; no notification is sent to Instagram when you capture someone’s post. So if you’ve heard any controversy about it, you can be sure Facebook won’t send any notifications.

You need to pay attention to only one point: the account you want to download the photo from should be public and not private. If the account is personal, you may not have an option to upload the image.

  1. Will Facebook send a notification if I save a story on a screen?

Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms that has progressed in some areas a lot more than other social media apps.

Now Facebook has a built-in screen recording feature. It has integrated the iOS screen recording function on its platform and thus allows you to record and broadcast the screen without using the screen recording function of your device.

  1. Does Facebook notify the screen recording of a story?

Well, it doesn’t; just like in the scenarios mentioned above, Facebook doesn’t warn others if you record your story on a screen.

Can you Screenshot Facebook Stories – Security Policy

Since Facebook doesn’t have a screenshot notification feature, it is a bit dangerous for users. But it has many security features that you can apply to your profile and make it safe to enjoy Facebook.

1. Facebook profile photo protector

  • There is a newly added feature of Facebook Profile Picture Guard. Turn off the option to share or upload your profile photo and prevent people other than your friends from tagging your profile photo.
  • After activating this protection, a shield icon will appear, preventing other people from invading your privacy.
  • To activate Facebook profile image protection, follow the procedure below:
  • First, click on the Profile tab on your Facebook home page. Second, click on your profile picture and select the option “Activate Profile Picture Saver.” Third, click the Next option and finally click Save.

2. Restriction of the visibility of images and videos

  • To increase the security of your posts and videos, you can change the settings for each photo and video and make them visible only to your “friends” rather than the public.
  • In this way, you will prevent unknown people from seeing your messages. You can also change your settings to make your posts visible only to a particular group of friends that you trust.
  • You can apply these settings to your Facebook stories, making them safer and more secure and restricting the ability of unknown people to view your account and take screenshots.


  • We are clear now that Facebook is not telling the person whose story is the screenshot you took or whose story you saved. So you can take a screenshot or preserve the history of any public account you want.
  • You can also download photos from Facebook without worrying about the person receiving the notification.
  •  In addition, we have provided you with some security measures that you can apply to make your profile photo and your posts much more secure. Therefore, we hope that this article has been helpful to you.

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