April 10, 2024
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7 Web Design Trends to Inspire Your Business’s

Trends in web design are constantly changing and evolving. The coming year sees more playfulness.

Web design agency experts approach site creation as art. Some sites are interactive projects that exist for pleasure and play. This is a return to the beginning of the web when designers create websites for their own sake to show off their techniques and skills.

1. Web-based treasure hunts

Website structures lend themselves to puzzles and scavenger hunts. Strategies you can apply are daisy chain pages and password protection for certain areas to encourage visitors to provide answers or find clues to unlock the following pages in a series.

There are numerous creative ways to hide and reveal prompts, clues, and answers. In this capacity, your web design agency can apply its prowess to come up with enthralling puzzles.

Always provide your audience with some hint or workaround if you want everyone to enjoy and make it to the end. Scavenger hunts can be used to reveal product launches, release a new video, and give hidden pieces of information.

2. App-like experiences

Experts believe that these small experience-focused sites are web design’s future. Users have gotten used to apps where the norm is interaction, motion graphics animation, and dynamic experience. It follows that this unique and energetic ecosystem will be brought to websites.

3. One-page websites

In many cases, the most effective site is the least complex one. There is an increasing popularity in one-page websites that favor simple scroll navigations and forgoes menus. One-page sites are recommended when the subject matter is narrower, like portfolios or a presentation of a single idea.

These sites are comparable to holding a flyer or reading a poster. All information you need to read is in one place without going through distracting navigation or searching through multiple pages.

4. A strong sense of place

Perhaps the pandemic has everyone compensating for missing travel. Therefore, some websites are incorporating more sense of place. They are placing photographs of locales on homepages and about sections, placing cities, towns, and natural places on the center stage where the creators live.

The web can be an alienating and detached place where you often have no connection to where the site you are browsing is coming from. But featuring an image of local spots enables visitors to visualize where you are and create real-world connections.

5. Art Deco motifs

Web design is taking a page from the roaring twenties. Art Deco motifs fit with geometric designs that have been trending over the past several years. Although people associate Art Deco with ornate and overly embellished designs, this style can also be adapted to beautiful minimalist creations.

This year’s trend leans towards clean undulating lines and repeating graphics of Art Deco design. Beautiful logos, fonts, spacer motifs, borders, and images take inspiration from these elements.

6. Fewer images in heroes

Many designers choose to create hero sections and landing pages that apply design as the central theme rather than rely on photos or illustrations. Hero images provide a significant visual impact and eliminate distracting splashy images. It places more focus on style and content.

7. Oversized topography

The text becomes more of a graphic element at a certain size than a simple part of the copy. This versatile technique can be applied effectively in both minimalist and maximalist designs and can suit various styles.

Web design trends for 2022 include technological advances and reviving graphic elements from the past. Business owners who want to redesign their websites in the coming year should take inspiration from these trends to come up with something fresh, sophisticated, and current.

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