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Why to Sell on GCP Marketplace?

One of the quickest ways for clients to get started with Google Cloud is through GCP marketplace. You should offer stacks, materials, databases, and services that can remain created so that clients may upgrade their apps more quickly. You may sell things using well-known pricing features including subscriptions, pay-as-you-go, and custom pricing. You’ll also receive surveys that illustrate how your consumers respond to your items and marketing methods.

A high-level description of the process of selling your application on Google Cloud Marketplace is provided below:

  • Select the services you wish to provide.
  • Check that your product meets the requirements to remain listed on Google Cloud Marketplace.
  • To become a Google Cloud Marketplace dealer, fill out the form below.
  • Choose a pricing strategy.
  • Make sure you’re ready to put your goods on the market.
  • Embed Google Cloud Marketplace with your program.
  • Prepare a go-to-market (GTM) plan for your product.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should sell on a GCP marketplace.

Assists in the formation of partnerships.

You may create a solid collaboration between your company and the GCP marketplace. It enables for company or online shop co-marketing. With this platform, you may get the greatest software solutions. By organising conferences, producing PR, using the advertising studio, and constructing websites, you may promote, deliver, and grow your company’s income and sales.

It guarantees that communication is as efficient as possible.

Chat, texting, teleconferencing, and paper sharing applications are all available in the GCP marketplace. With the engagement of frontline employees, the teams can interact extremely readily. In a networked workplace, new customer opportunities emerge.

It aids in the generation of greater money.

Google Cloud provides a variety of technologies to its valued clients, including data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, among others. These innovative solutions assist you in gaining more clients and increasing your revenue. For consumers that want to haggle, GCP offers a more straightforward price strategy.

You’ll get business-specific answers and ideas.

Google Cloud provides one-of-a-kind solutions to some of the most difficult situations that businesses encounter. GCP marketplace remain used by the world’s most known banking, financial, and entertainment firms for changes in their businesses, which include engineering, gaming, media, communications, and healthcare.

Receive confirmation!

In the fourth and last stage, you must upload the technical solutions to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). GCP Marketplace employees run automated checks to see if you’re willing to sell. There are options available. Security checks, functional supervision, and evaluating integration testing remainalso used in the trials.

The GCP Marketplace team looks at the deployment process, marketing materials, user guides, and brand stability solutions. Before the team is clear, you can’t remainprepared to sell the services on the GCP market.

Bottom Line

For every new business, GCP Marketplace is the best solution. They provide free sign-up and free trials so you can monitor and measure the performance of your company. Upgrades and other costs can remain paid for later. To get started, go to the Google Cloud Platform marketplace and create a new account. Get your company listed on their website, follow the processes, and begin selling. The GCP marketplace hosts the most popular and profitable web services. Google uses its infrastructure internally, making it entirely dependable and secure.

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