July 11, 2024
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8 Professionals and Scams of Workplace Tracking Apps

When you own a small or medium-sized business, the work of your people is critical to your overall success. That is why each employer uses different methods to improve their performance, and monitoring through various applications is becoming an increasingly popular method. Monitoring your employees is a hotly debated topic. It is generally accepted that the owners and managers are the ones who like and support the implementation of such apps and that the employees are beside it.

This is not always the case, but often employees think this is good, and even some managers do not like this approach. Anyway, this is being used more and more, so let us tell you about the pros and cons of workplace monitoring apps. It will be of great help if you are currently thinking about whether this is the right option for your business.


You, Will, Have An Accurate Understanding Of Performance.

Understanding Of Performance

You always have an idea of performance because you see trends in revenue, customer satisfaction, etc. But it’s nearly impossible to tell if it’s peak performance because you can’t accurately track what each employee is doing.

At least he couldn’t do that until the monitoring apps showed up. From now on, you can know accurately how many hours you worked, what software you used, what websites, and everything else.

All of this will give you an idea of whether the employee is working hard or working part-time, and the other half is waiting to go home and read something non-work related on the internet or spend on social media. You don’t ask the employee to be a slave and work every minute, but you can show him that, in his opinion, he spends too much time on non-essential things.

The Limited-Time They Spend Using A Smartphone

You do not have the right to ask them to install any application on your mobile handset. But if they have a business mobile handset, they must install some of the applications designed for it, such as a phone tracker. This way, you will see if they are using it exclusively for commercial purposes or again for social media, YouTube, etc. With such applications, you can even restrict your access to all needless sites.


When teammates are more creative than other teammates. But even if you find that one is more effective than the other at the team level, you cannot find out for each employee individually. That way, you have an understanding, and then you can spread it as needed. For example, you can switch from a more productive team to a less efficient one to ignite the catalyst. It is important that you know your human resources well and saves many apps as you do not have to hire many people in HR.



Security is something of great concern to every business, and hacker spasms happen every day. That’s why these applications can help you not only keep your employees under control but also prevent external intrusions on your security system. Hackers can steal important data and money from you, so you should avoid it. And with the help of the apps, you will immediately notice that someone new has joined your system. Even if you are hiding your presence, you will again notice that someone is doing strange things and can avoid it. You can also see if an employee is trying to access information for which he is not responsible so it can prevent corporate espionage.

Know Who To Reward

You probably know who your best employees are, but you may not have an accurate idea of how productive they are. This way, you can find out exactly who deserves your accolades and awards. Both praise and rewards are very good for the entire company’s morale, and everyone will try to be rewarded.


Legal Problems

Legal Problems

While you shouldn’t get into legal trouble because of this, you should be careful. Learn all the details about the legal system in the country you live in, or even hire a lawyer to do it for you. Only then will you be wholly tranquil and know that you are not breaking any law. Most situations have stringent laws regarding monitoring, so you shouldn’t put yourself at risk.

Bad Impact On The Connection Between You And Your Employees.

This is by far the most common problem when it comes to this type of application. Many people tend to feel resentful and betrayed when they decide to do so. They think that you don’t trust them, that they have worked honestly for you all these years, and now you have doubts.

This can be not good for overall morale and, therefore, output. It is important to notify them in time about implementing this and tell them that the reason is not mistrust but to increase productivity through more detailed analysis and prevent security breaches.

Additional Work

With all the work you already have, it will be something else to take your time. If you want to benefit from these applications, you will need to analyze the information received for at least half an hour every day. Or hire someone to do it for you, which will incur additional costs.

As you can see, the professionals far outweigh the scams. However, be careful with the law and do not offend your employees.

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