June 21, 2024
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Bepmis BRAC Net  BRAC Education Programmer

What is BRAC?

Bepmis BRAC Net : Building Resources Across Communities Launched in 1985, the goal of BRAC Education Programmer (BEP) is to make important contribution to the achievement of Education for All in Bangladesh. Today the program’s school model for poor, rural children has helped equip millions with basic reading, writing, numeracy, and life skills they require to thrive in the future.

Education: BRAC runs a large network of schools and adult education programs, providing access to quality education for millions of children and adults.

Health: BRAC provides primary and preventive healthcare services to rural communities, including maternal and child health, nutrition, and family planning.

Livelihoods: BRAC provides training and support to help people start and grow their own businesses.


BRAC has had a significant impression on the lives of millions of people in Bangladesh and around the world. Some of its achievements include:

  • Reaching over 100 million people with its programs.
  • Providing microfinance loans to over 14 million people.
  • Enrolling over 1 million children in its schools.
  • Training over 10 million people in income-generating skills.
  • Reducing poverty and inequality in Bangladesh.

BEP MIS: BRAC Education Programmer Management Information System.

BEP MIS_ BRAC Education Programmer Management Information System.

Bepmis BRAC Net stands for BRAC Education Programmer Management Information System. It is a web-based application used by BRAC Education Programmer (BEP) to manage various aspects of their schools, including:

  • Student information: BEP MIS tracks student enrollment, attendance, and academic performance.
  • Teacher information: BEP MIS stores information about teachers, including their qualifications, experience, and training.
  • School information: BEP MIS tracks data on school facilities, resources, and finances.
  • Assessment: BEP MIS administers and analyzes student assessments to track progress and inform teaching practices.
  • Fee collection: BEP MIS allows parents to pay school fees online through bKash, a mobile financial service in Bangladesh.

Benefits of BEP MIS.

Benefits of BEP MIS.

  • Improved data management: BEP MIS provides a centralized system for storing and managing educational data. This allows for better decision-making and planning.
  • Increased efficiency: BEP MIS automates many administrative tasks, such as fee collection and attendance tracking. This frees up teachers and staff to focus on more important things, such as teaching and student support.
  • Enhanced transparency: BEP MIS provides parents and other stakeholders with access to information about their schools. This promotes accountability and transparency.
  • Improved decision-making: BEP MIS provides data and reports that can be used to make informed results about school operations.

BRAC Education Programmer.

The BRAC Education Programmer (BEP) is one of the largest and most successful non-formal education programs in the world. It provides free primary education to over 1 million out-of-school children and adolescents in Bangladesh.

BRAC started its education programmer in 1985 with a small number of schools in rural areas. Since then, the program has grown rapidly and now operates in all 64 divisions of Bangladesh. BRAC schools are typically located in poor and remote groups where access to quality education is limited.

Goals of BRAC Education Programmer:

  • To provide free primary education to out-of-school children and adolescents.
  • To improve the quality of education in Bangladesh.
  • To reduce poverty and inequality.
  • To empower girls and women.

Important features of the BRAC Education Programmer:

  • Community-based: BRAC schools are owned and managed by local communities.
  • Low-cost: BRAC schools are able to provide high-quality education at a fraction of the cost of government schools.
  • Effective: BRAC schools have been shown to be effective in improving children’s learning outcomes.
  • Flexible: BRAC schools offer a flexible curriculum that meets the needs of individual children.
  • Inclusive: BRAC schools welcome children of all religions, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

BRAC Education Programmer has been recognized for its innovative and effective approach to education. The program has won numerous awards, including the UNESCO Literacy Prize in 2006.

Benefits Of The BRAC Education Programmer:

  • Increased literacy and numeracy rates.
  • Improved access to quality education.
  • Reduced poverty and inequality.
  • Empowered girls and women.
  • Increased social mobility.

The Bepmis BRAC Net Education Programmer is a shining example of how non-formal education can be use to improve the lives of millions of children and adolescents.


Bepmis BRAC Net the Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee, has had a significant impact on poverty and development in Bangladesh and beyond. Founded in 1972, BRAC has grown to become the world’s largest non-governmental development organization, reaching over 100 million people across 11 countries.

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