June 21, 2024
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StockX: The Stock Market Of Things And How To Locate Discount Codes

If you have not yet heard of StockX, you have been missing out. But do not worry; after reading this article, you will possess extensive knowledge about the company, known as a stock market of things. You will be familiar with the website stockx.com. Most importantly, you will be able to locate an applicable StockX discount code for your product of choice. You will be buying (at a discount) in no time.

First, let’s establish some background on the company. Founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Josh Luber, this genius was able to turn his hobby into a billion-dollar business in just three short years, according to inc.com.

A Dream In The Making

Luber’s shoe obsession began just as it did for so many of us children of the eighties and nineties. Luber was a huge Michael Jordan fan. When the Air Jordans were first released, he desperately wanted to get his hands on a pair. Though young Luber could not convince his mother he needed the steeply-priced shoes, adult Luber finally treated himself to his first Jordans. Shortly after landing his first job following college graduation, Luber shelled out the $125. It seems he was addicted. Luber was also quite intrigued. He wanted to understand and capitalize on the sneaker phenomena.

As many models of sneakers are released in limited amounts that sell out quickly, there is a large market for profiting off the resale of these sneakers with a significant mark-up. Inc.com explains that the market for resale sneakers combined with streetwear was estimated at $2 billion in 2018. It could reach approximately $6 billion by 2025.

The Site: StockX.com

In addition to being an online marketplace where consumers can buy and sell sneakers, streetwear, electronics, trading cards, collectibles, designer handbags, and watches are amongst other products available. According to Insider, the website facilitates buying and selling in many ways. It:

  • Acts as a middleman between buyers and sellers.
  • Ensures that transactions are safe and secure.
  • Authenticates all products before they ship to buyers.
  • Provides buyers and sellers with data like current market value, the number of items sold, and loss/gain on items.
  • Prevents overpaying and underselling of products.

Best Place To Locate A Variety of StockX Discount Codes

Now that you have received the necessary background on the website, let’s focus on the coveted StockX discount code. When you are hunting for a code specific to the item you are seeking, make sure to check SlickDeals. There are many coupons from which to choose. As a new customer, sign up for an account and receive $20 off your first purchase. Other coupon examples include:

  • $50 off first handbag purchase that exceeds $500.
  • $30 off first watch purchase over $3,000.
  • Buy sneakers below retail value.
  • Buy Yeezys below retail value.
  • Buy electronics below retail value.

Whether you are a collector or simply a consumer seeking a specific product, StockX, the stock market of things is an excellent resource. Now you know the background of this innovative company and are armed with the location for your StockX discount code. Now might be the perfect time to turn that rare sneaker/designer handbag collection dream into a reality.

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