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Doraemon Movie: Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum

Doraemon: Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum

“Doraemon: Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum” is a Japanese animated movie released in 2013. The film follows the adventures of Doraemon, a robotic cat from the future, and his best friend, Nobita. The plot revolves around a mysterious museum hidden for centuries, containing some of the world’s most potent and dangerous gadgets.

When Nobita and his friends accidentally stumble upon the museum. They are intrigued by its secrets and decide to explore it. However, they soon realize that the museum’s gadgets have fallen into the wrong hands and remain used for evil. With the help of Doraemon and their friends, Nobita must stop the villains and save the future.

Throughout the movie, viewers stand treated to stunning animation, exciting action sequences, and heartwarming moments between Doraemon and Nobita. The film explores themes of friendship, courage, and the consequences of using technology for nefarious purposes.

Cast Of Doraemon: Nobita’s Secret Gadget MuseumCast Of Doraemon: Nobita's Secret Gadget Museum     

The cast of “Doraemon: Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum” includes Wasabi Mizuta as the voice of Doraemon, a robotic cat from the future who travels back in time to help Nobita. Megumi Oohara voices Nobita, while Yumi Kakazu plays the role of Shizuka, Nobita’s classmate and love interest. The subsequent supporting cast includes Tomokazu Seki as Suneo, Nobita’s wealthy friend, and Subaru Kimura as Gian, the bully who often torments Nobita.

In the film, the group visits a museum filled with secret gadgets that Doraemon’s inventor once created, and they discover a mysterious artifact that threatens the world’s safety. The group must band together and use their wits to save the planet from this imminent threat.

Other notable voice actors in the cast include Kotono Mitsuishi, who plays the role of Doraemon’s sister, Dorami, and Shihoko Hagino, who voices the film’s antagonist. The film was directed by Yukiyo Teramoto and written by Higashi Shimizu.

Box Office Of Doraemon: Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum

Box Office Of Doraemon: Nobita's Secret Gadget Museum

“Doraemon: Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum” is a Japanese 3D animated film directed by Yukiyo Teramoto and produced by Shin-Ei Animation. The movie was released in Japan on March 9, 2013, and grossed approximately ¥3.98 billion (USD 37.6 million) at the Japanese box office.

The film revolves around the adventures of the beloved robot cat Doraemon and his friend Nobita, who discovers a mysterious object that turns out to be a time machine. The two friends travel to the future, meeting a young girl named Riruru.

Who takes them to the Secret Gadget Museum, which houses the world’s most advanced technology? However, their visit takes a dangerous turn when they discover that someone is stealing the gadgets from the museum, and they must work together to uncover the culprit.

The movie received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, who praised its vibrant animation, engaging storyline, and heartwarming moments. The film’s success at the box office led to a sequel, “Doraemon: New Nobita’s Great Demon-Peko and the Exploration Party of Five,” released in March 2014 and grossed ¥3.6 billion ($33.9 million) in Japan.

Full Story Of This MovieFull Story Of This Movie

“Doraemon: Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum” is a Japanese animated film based on the popular manga series created by Fujiko F. Fujio. The film tells the story of Nobita, a young boy constantly getting into trouble, and his robot cat from the future, Doraemon, who helps him with his problems using a variety of futuristic gadgets.

In this adventure, Nobita and Doraemon must travel through time and space to save the future from an evil organization called the “Doranos,” who plan to steal all of Doraemon’s gadgets and use them for their nefarious purposes. Along the way, they meet a young girl named Riruru, who is also from the future and is on a mission to stop the Doranos.

Together, they journey through different periods and encounter challenges, including battling giant robots and facing off against a mighty dragon. As they race against time to save the future, Nobita and Doraemon must realize that their gadgets may not be enough to save the day and must rely on their ingenuity and bravery to succeed.

Ultimately, Nobita and Doraemon can save the day and prevent the Doranos from stealing Doraemon’s gadgets. They also learn valuable lessons about the importance of friendship, courage, and resourcefulness, which they will carry on their future adventures.

Reviews And RatingReviews And Rating

The film follows the adventures of Doraemon and his human friend, Nobita. As they try to retrieve a set of stolen gadgets that remain hidden in a secret museum. Along the way, they face numerous challenges and obstacles.

The film received positive reviews in Japan and averaged 7.1/10 on IMDb. Some viewers praised the film’s visuals and animation quality. While others enjoyed the nostalgia of watching their favorite childhood characters on the big screen.

However, some viewers found the plot predictable and lacking in depth. Overall, if you’re a fan of Doraemon or enjoy animated films. “Doraemon Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum” may be worth checking out.

What is inside Doraemon Bell?What is inside Doraemon Bell?

Doraemon’s bell is a magical tool that is essential to Doraemon’s ability to time travel and perform other incredible feats. The bell is a small, blue, bell-shaped device that remains worn around Doraemon’s neck. And it is one of the most recognizable features of the character.

While the exact inner workings of the bell are unknown. It remains believed to contain a powerful and complex mechanism that allows Doraemon to manipulate time and space. With the help of the bell, Doraemon can travel through time, teleport, and create a wide range of inventions.

In addition to its magical properties, the bell symbolizes Doraemon’s friendship and loyalty to his owner, Nobita. Whenever Nobita is in trouble, Doraemon can remain summoned by ringing the bell and always be there to help.


Doraemon: Nobita’s Secret Gadget Museum is a must-watch for all fans of the iconic manga series. The film features a thrilling plot that keeps the audience engaged throughout the runtime. The animation is top-notch, and the movie’s 3D visuals are stunning. The voice actors did an excellent job bringing their characters to life, and the music added depth to the scenes.

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