April 10, 2024
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Education Write for us

Education Write for Us

Education is the process or action of learning or teaching, deciding, acquiring or transmitting knowledge. Includes preparing children for adult life. The meaning of the term can vary depending on the context, who said it and did it. Without embargo, in most cases it also involves developing reasoning ability and people power.

In general terms, when we are students of society or a country, we use the term education when we have students of primary and secondary schools, and also secondary schools, colleges, universities and d other institutes where adults want to learn.

In most countries, education during our early years is compulsory and voluntary during adolescence and adult life.

Education has existed in human society for several kilometers of years. Adults are capable of giving their children, adolescents and young people the skills and knowledge required in their society.

Before we can read or write, it will be done orally. Imitation also constitutes a teaching tool common to our preliterate societies.

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