July 10, 2024
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VPN Services: Why VPN Use Is Skyrocketing

We can use VPN services on both computers and mobiles. It is something that over time has been gaining more popularity and we have more and more options available, both free and paid. However, in recent times its use has exploded. We will explain why this has happened. We will also give some tips to use this type of service correctly and not have problems.

VPN Usage Among Users Grows

The use of the Internet has improved a lot in recent years. We have more and more devices compatible with Wi-Fi networks, greater availability, and also more services and programs that need connection. This makes us connected almost permanently and everywhere.

But for this to be possible, to be able to do it with the best guarantees, it is convenient to use certain programs, such as a VPN. Its use has exploded especially in recent times. More and more users choose to have this type of program on their devices.

Apart from mobile operators and ISPs sharing confidential and personal user data with third parties, people want to use a VPN service for other reasons as well. For starters, it allows them to access blocked websites like the pirate bay that can help them download free content from the internet. Many of us do not prefer spending tons of money on streaming subscriptions or on software tools and products. Using a VPN enables an individual to bypass the blocks put up by the ISP and download content for free.

We echo a study that they have carried out on the use of VPN by Americans, but we can also extrapolate it to other countries. CuponFollow surveyed 1,666 users a little over a year ago and 1,834 last February, a year later.

This has resulted in the use of VPNs growing in recent months for different reasons. 69% of users indicated that they are concerned about the security of their data when using a public Wi-Fi network. Keep in mind that this is something more and more common since we can find networks almost anywhere.

In addition, 65% are concerned that their telephone operator may share or sell their data and collect information. But also, 47% are concerned about privacy when they surf the Internet from public networks and fear that those sites they visit may collect data.

But this is not only a concern when users connect to Wi-Fi in public places, but also in their own homes. In this case, 64% fear that there may be intermediaries when connecting to Wi-Fi, and 30% fear that their privacy will be compromised.


Avoid Fraud And Hijacking Of Social Networks

In recent times we have seen different data leaks that have affected social networks. Users are now more aware of the real problem and how their personal information could be compromised. We saw recently that sometimes the VPN does not work with mobile data in Windows and it is something we need to fix.

This has also led many to choose to use VPN services to avoid or reduce online fraud and the hijacking of social media accounts. These services are used to encrypt the connection when we connect to a public network and it is very useful.

But without a doubt, a factor that has greatly influenced the use of VPNs to skyrocket is remote work. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken important changes in everyone’s day-to-day life. One of the most obvious is that many workers have begun to perform their duties from home, remotely. In order to connect to company computers, as well as to maintain security and privacy, something very interesting is to have a program of this type that can encrypt the connection.

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