June 21, 2024
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Computing Technology Write For Us – Contribute, and Submit Guest Post

Computing Technology Write For Us

Computing Technology Write For Us

Computing technology is a paramount importance to the careers and lives of more and more people. As a result, more and more colleges require students to take at least one computer/information technology course. Firstly, the most widely used textbooks are written (or have been bloated) as full references, focusing excessively on terms and definitions that students quickly forget after the course is over. Instead,

Besides, given the central relevance of computer technology, such a course should be one of the most interesting and useful in a university, being an engaging introduction that positively influences student interactions with computer technologies.

Further, in 2015, we developed new learning materials for computer courses, starting from scratch and developing ourselves natively for the web. Therefore, we favor a meaningful understanding of the most relevant information technologies, as opposed to exhaustive but shallow coverage of a wider range of topics. So, this document highlights the first version of the learning material, including discussions on some of the main interactive web-based activities.

Besides, In its first year, the material has been adopted by more than 20 universities, either for a full course or as part of introductory computer science or computer programming course (the material is modular and can therefore be combined with other materials), and the feedback from teachers and students is very positive. So, the material is currently published under the title “Information Technology for All” (zyBooks.com).

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Why to Write for Us Techies Line –  Computing Technology Write for Us

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